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Antivibration Expansion Joints(Type BL)

•  Product Features

     Antivibration expansion joints are mainly used to absorb axial movement, such as that caused by thermal expansion or contraction of a pipeline, duct or vessel along the axis.

•  Applicable Conditions

Working pressure: 0.1 through 2.5 (MPa)
Working temperature: -20 through 450 (¡æ)
Service life: 1000 (times)

Flange£ºGB¡¢ANSI¡¢JIS¡¢DIN etc

• Product Specification

Nominal ID(DN): ¦µ50 through ¦µ600 (mm)


• Material

1.Bellow£ºStainless steels 304 316L 321 254 309 Inconel625 31803 etc
2.Flange¡¢weld Ends£ºCarbon steel Stainless steels etc
3.Tie rod Nuts£ºCarbon steel Stainless steels etc

 The product code consists of following elements¡¡

•  Guides for expansion Joint installation

1. The expansion joint shall be installed according to the engineering drawing of pipe line and the expansion joint installations
2. In order to insure proper function of any expansion joints, it is necessary that all pipe lines in which expansion joints are located be suitably guided and anchored. The guides and anchors must be installed strictly in accordance to relevant technical documentation. Please refer to the ¡°guideline for installation of Expansion Joints¡± about the principle of using guides and anchors.
3. Since the bellows used in expansion joints are made of thin stainless steel sheets, special attention shall be paid when transporting, handing and welding to avoid damage of bellows caused by dents, scores, arc strikes and weld spatters.
4. Any foreign laterals in the bellows and pipes shall be removed to ensure the proper function of expansion joints before installation.
5. If the flow direction is specified, be sure to install expansion joint with the proper orientation with the respect of flow direction arrow.
6. No movement of the expansion joint (such as axial compression or extension, lateral offset, or rotation) due to piping misalignment shall be imposed during installation so as to ensure proper function of the bellows.

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